Why Student Journeys

Why take your class off the beaten path with Student Journeys?

Our guides and staff have traveled deep into the heart of the countries that we visit to ensure that the Student Journeys trips that we have created are distinctive and unique.  Whether tracking the Pacific Gray Whale on the shores of the Baja Peninsula, dancing to a Tanzanian beat with the tribes of the Serengeti, or following the footsteps of the Incas in the Peruvian Andes, Student Journeys offers educational adventures that combine unforgettable experiences with teachable moments!  When you decide to book your Student Journey trip, we become your personal travel consultants.  All of our resources from over 20 years of experience in traveling and trip organization are at your disposal.  Plus, for every 7 students, a teacher goes free!

We work with middle and high schools, as well as with universities, to create educational adventures where the world is the classroom.  The Student Journeys that we have created can integrate pre and post-trip curriculum with in-country, on-site discussions and coursework that make learning fun and bring students and teachers together. In addition, we can work with teachers to handcraft the itinerary and activities to compliment what is going on in the classroom.

Most rewarding is that educational travel experiences invariably help to direct students as they learn about themselves and the world around them, developing new interests and passions as they go.

Our expert trip leaders and local guides infuse our programs with everything from safety and seamless logistics to language and natural history.  Let Student Journeys take care of the details while teachers and students focus on learning, living, and experiencing the global classroom!