Central & South America

These locally guided expeditions allow you to take your group off the beaten path and get hands on experiences in different regions and cultures of Central and South America. Student Journey adventures showcase Central and South America’s incredible geographic diversity, cultural richness, and up-close wildlife encounters. Click below to learn more about our exclusive departures.


COSTA RICA ECO-ADVENTURE – Take high speed zipline tours, hike with expert guides in the tropical rain and cloud forests, and tube down the exhilarating Rio Negro. Explore the ecosystems of the jungles, canyons, and waterfalls of Costa Rica. Enjoy the tastes of the local cuisine and relax in the natural hot springs of the area. Take your students on Student Journey to the definition of paradise, where they’ll learn about the nature and the culture of one of Central America’s most beautiful regions. Pura vida! (View More)

COSTA RICA SERVICE PROJECT – All the traditional fun and adventure of a Costa Rica Trip with the addition of volunteer service. There’s no better way to get to know a culture and its people than to roll up your sleeves and spend a day or two working to improve their community and stay with the local families. Of course your student group will also have time to enjoy local adventures and bask in the Central American sun. (View More)

PANAMA CULTURE AND NATURE TRIP – Travel the Panama Canal by land to learn from expert guides about the history of the canal and about how it operates. Explore the rain forest to see over 900 species of birds, Howler Monkeys, Anteaters, and Agoutis that inhabit the area. Explore the three cities of Panama, visit ancient ruins, fly through the jungle on ziplines, and visit local communities along the canal. (View More)

NEW!!! CENTRAL AMERICA’S HIDDEN GEM – NICARAGUA - This 9 -day, cultural adventure will show you how the “Nica’s” live. We will visit community projects, hike volcanoes, do citytours by bike and kayak around an archipelago of 365 small volcanic islands. For the most adventurous ones we will have sandboarding in Cerro Negro Volcano and surfing in San Juan del Sur. You will also visit the magical Ometepe Island which for ages, has represented a paradisiacal destination.  (View More)

NEW!!! GUATEMALA JUNGLES, CULTURE AND RUINS - Immerse yourself in the cultures of Guatemala, learn about the history of coffee, scale volcanoes, shop in local markets, take a boat ride to sightsee, and explore several ancient sights of Mayan ruins. You’ll even get to camp in one of the Maya communities in an archaeological site! The Guatemala Jungles and Ruins trip offers both adventure and an incredible opportunity for cultural study. (View More)

THE GUATEMALAN MULTI-SPORT - This 8 day excursion will take you off the beaten trail to explore volcanoes, Mayan highlands, local homes, gorgeous lakes, and local markets. You’ll hike, bike, and canoe up mountains, through forests, and into towns to take in the incredible mountainous and volcanic scenery, interact with the indigenous people of the region, and study the rich culture of Guatemala. (View More)

THE BELIZE ROAD LESS TRAVELED - This 7 day, multi-activity adventure takes you into the jungles of Belize to stay in unique lodges, explore ancient Mayan Ruins, and hike river cave systems, and rainforests on foot, by bike, in canoes, and on inner-tubes. You’ll also get to explore the largest reef in the Western Hemisphere, and you’ll have plenty of time to relax on Belize’s white sand beaches and cool off in its crystal clear waters. (View More)


HIKING THE INCA TRAIL – PERUStart off with an expertly guided tour of the center of the Inca Empire and visit three archeological sites to learn about the history of the area. Hike the Inca Trail stopping at local villages, fortresses, natural hot springs, and sites of ancient ruins along the way. Your guides will take you to see a cloud forest and teach you about rare and unique flora and fauna along your hike. (View More)

BRAZIL AMAZON BOAT EXPEDITION – Brazil Amazon Boat Expedition engages you in Brazil’s rich eco-system through a series of boat and canoe trips on Rio Negro. Immerse yourself in the sounds and colors of the Amazon Jungle through interacting with its wildlife and local Indian communities. Experience with students the boat adventure that will devlop an understanding of one of the world’s most influential rainforest. (View More)

A TASTE OF BRAZIL – Take your group on a Student Journey to Brazil to tour mountains, beaches, cities, and villages; visit the world-famous Statue of Christ; immerse yourselves in the traditional beats and rhythms of traditional Brazilian music; and enjoy the sights, sounds, and tastes of Brazilian culture. In addition to Rio de Janeiro, your student group will also visit the historically and culturally rich Salvador da Bahia. (View More)

GALAPAGOS VOLUNTOUR – Galapagos Volunteering is about much more than just seeing the Galapagos, it is about working to help solve its problems and experiencing its beauty. You will wield a machete one day and plant and nurture endemic plants the next. Get to know the local wildlife – up close and personal!  Join us to discover the wonders of the world’s most unique archipelago. (View More)


CREATE YOUR OWN CUSTOM ITINERARY – Don’t see what you are dreaming of in one of our pre-designed trips? No worries, our experienced operations team will help you! Just contact us with your ideas and we will create a custom itinerary for your group!