These expertly guided student trips allow you to take your group off the beaten path and get hands on experiences in different regions and cultures of Europe. Student Journey adventures showcase Europe’s incredible geographic diversity, cultural richness, and up-close wildlife encounters. Click below to learn more about our exclusive departures.


NEW!!! THE PILGRIM’S WAY TO SANTIAGO – SPAIN - the Camino de Santiago as it is called in Spanish, or “Way of St. James” is a journey of the soul and spirit, that takes the traveller in the footsteps of millions of others over a millennium, who sojourned from all over Christendom to this green and misty spot in the northwest corner of Iberia to venerate the tomb of the Apostle St. James – Santiago as he is known in Spanish. Our destination is the cathedral in Santiago’s fabulously preserved medieval centre, which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in its entirety. (View more)

COMING SOON!!! BARCELONA CULTURAL TOUR – SPAIN – Take a guided bicycle tour of the city, relax on a guided bus tour of Gaudi’s famous architecture and of Montjuic and its castle. Do some shopping, visit FC Barcelona’s futbol stadium, take several train rides throughout the region, visit monasteries, and catch a cable car back to town to explore local cafes, restaurants, and cultural sites of Barcelona and Tarragona.

THE SPIRIT OF FRANCE AND ITALY – This 8-day tour gives you the best peek to the history of France and Italy. Visit both capitals; chic Paris and ancient Rome, taste a French baguette at Champs Élysée and Italian pizza at Via del Corzo. Admire the Notre Dame Cathedral, Triumphal Arch and Eiffel Tower in Paris and be prepared to step into the world’s biggest open air museum – Rome. Travel expert guides will illuminate the significance and the beauty of Versailles incredible works of art and architecture. (View more)

NEW!!! THE LAND OF SAGAS – ICELAND - Iceland is an independent democratic republic with a short but colorful history, with its own language and rich cultural heritage. It is an absolutely unique nature, land of ice and fire with active volcanoes, spouting geysers, extensive lava fields and deserts, waterfalls, mountains and glaciers. Enjoy the midnight sun in the summertime and the northern lights (Aurora Borealis) in winter. (View more)


CREATE YOUR OWN CUSTOM ITINERARY – Don’t see what you are dreaming of in one of our pre-designed trips? No worries, our experienced operations team will help you! Just contact us with your ideas and we will create a custom itinerary for your group!