Our newest student tours into Asia highlight the unique cultural and geographic features in the diverse nations of this spectacular part of the world!  Take your group off the beaten path and into the heart of the orient with Student Journeys.  We are eager to introduce you and your students to the friends that we have made across the region!

NEW!!! ANCIENT VILLAGES, VOLUNTEERING, AND HOMESTAY – THE MANY SIDES OF VIETNAM- Take your student group to Vietnam to explore the cities, the waterways, and a deep cultural immersion. Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is sure to charm your group with it’s old-time, French influence. Study the history, learn about the culture, enjoy the food, and interact with the people of this beautiful land. (View More)

NEW!!! THE SPIRIT OF BALI – INDONESIA – Come and enjoy the magical Bali and it’s surroundings with us! Experience that Bali is much more than just a party destination. During the tour you will bike through the heartland of Bali, raft through some of the island’s most appealing landsacape and will be taught the secrets of the local delicacies. You will also participate in a meaningful community development project as well as learn a lot about the conservation of the South Asian Marine Turtles.  (View More)

NEW!!! THE COUNTRY OF CONTRASTS – JAPAN – Japan never stops to amaze people. The country is a great mixture of modern life and old traditions. You’ll explore the cities by metro’s and local buses, you’ll discover 1 200 years of history with countless temples, shrines and other historically priceless structures that have survived still today. You will visit the country side of Japan and have a local experience at a farm by helping the farmers to plant or harvest. (View More)


CREATE YOUR OWN CUSTOM ITINERARY – Don’t see what you are dreaming of in one of our pre-designed trips? No worries, our experienced operations team will help you! Just contact us with your ideas and we will create a custom itinerary for your group!