“My Amazing Summer in Brazil”

by admin on February 22, 2011

Malocas Jungle

Waterfall in Malocas Jungle

Everyone has a defining summer in their life as a young adult. “The best summer ever” usually is something you never forget, something you go on to tell future generations about. How great would it be to pass on the story “My amazing summer in Brazil!”

Summer programs are perfect for the busy young adult who spends 9 months of the year in a conventional, traditional classroom. A chance to pull them away from the summer routine of computer and video games in a virtual world, and get them out in the real world to shape their minds. Student Journeys permits them the opportunity to still be in a comfortable, close knit group of peers from their own school, while making memories in new lands and strengthening bonds they can bring back with them when school starts again in the fall.

Generally, traveling in groups during the summer is much more inexpensive and less crowded, allowing the opportunity to discover more and take the best advantage of the time.

Take Brazil for example. During our traditional summer, it is actually their winter! The months of June to December is often referred to as “summer” by the locals because it is the dry season. These months provide ideal temperatures, hot and sunny with lower humidity and cool breezes.

It is after the crowds of Carnaval and Easter, allowing full immersion of a Brazilian culture and not partying tourists. With less crowds, visiting sites like Rio de Janiero, the infamous Statue of Christ, and UNESCO colonial cities are much more enjoyable.

Since it is their off season, flights and accommodations are not at their peak rates and much more reasonable. There are overnight flights out of Atlanta and Miami, with just a one-hour time difference, which means you can start your day bright and early with minimal jet-lag impact.

Student Journeys just uploaded two new itineraries to Brazil, Brazil Amazon Boat Expedition and Brazil Amazon Jungle Experience! All summer programs that Student Journeys offer is fully customizable for the student groups needs and desires. Because of the personalized and close attention, it is sure that a summer trip will be “the summer of their life.”

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