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Welcome to Student Journeys!

Student Journeys offers your student group a unique combination of remote adventure travel and cultural immersion, which grew out of encounters had and friendships made in our own personal globetrotting. With over twenty years of leading trips, teaching, paddling, hiking, and traveling, we have seen first-hand how travel transforms students’ lives in incredible ways.

The distinctive trips that we have put together take in some of the most spectacular natural sights that the world has to offer and explore the incredible history, archeology, and culture of the most fascinating countries in the world. Up-close wildlife encounters; in-depth exploration of archeological sites; visits to vibrant and colorful markets and villages; travels through remote deserts, canyons, and beaches; and unique, creative itineraries are all staples in our expertly created and professionally guided student trips.

Student Journeys sticks to small groups in order to minimize the impact on the places we explore while maximizing the interaction with local communities and cultures. We are committed to sustainable tourism and to helping protect the pristine places we visit and helping the locals strengthen their villages and towns.  Student Journeys has developed strong relationships over the years with many local communities and would love to introduce you to our friends around the globe.

Carefully selected itineraries ensure authentic experiences and aim to facilitate your interactions with the locals while showing you off-the-beaten-path sights unavailable to larger groups. We are confident that our adventures will pique student interest, motivate students to challenge themselves, and teach students remarkable lessons from some of the most interesting cultures in the world! Join us and share our enthusiasm for travel and adventure by taking your group out into the global classroom.



Miia is originally from Finland, but has been living in Mexico for a few years now. When she first visited Mexico, she fell in love with the food, friendly culture and the climate. When returning home to Finland, she couldn’t stop thinking about Mexico and her memories, so she returned and has lived there since.

Miia has always been interested in cultures and traditions around the world and this has taken her to live in different parts of Europe, New Zealand/Tonga, Namibia (Southern Africa) and now in Punta de Mita, Mexico. She has worked in the traveling industry as a tour planner  and also as a guide throughout Mexico, Central America and Cuba. Her knowledge of travel and the world is what makes her so great at planning educational trips at  Student Journeys.

Her love to music, especially salsa and Latin rhythms take her to Cuba at least once a year. Apart from music she loves to surf and dive. From the office she rushes to her home beach to take a dip in the ocean after a day at work.

So which ever part of the world you are thinking of travelling with your students, Miia will gladly assist you to find the best suited tour for you.



Rebecca comes from a long line of explorers and wanderers; born of English and Italian-American parents, her mother and father met in an ashram in Scotland, while ensconced in inner explorations.  Embued with a strong sense of community service and helping others, Rebecca’s travels have given her an important perspective on the value of community and interconnectedness on our ever shrinking mother earth.

In addition to helping administrate the flawless execution of the unique tours that Student Journeys operates, Rebecca is busy developing standards and guidelines to make sure that Student Journeys leads the way in environmentally, culturally, and socially sustainable tourism. If Rebecca’s out of the office, she can probably be found bouncing her boys in the hot Puerto Vallarta sun.


We can’t wait to start planning your group’s student adventure!

CREATE YOUR OWN CUSTOM ITINERARY – Don’t see what you are dreaming of in one of our pre-designed trips? No worries, our experienced operations team will help you! Just contact us with your ideas and we will create a custom itinerary for your group!