6 Reasons to Take Your Students on a Student Trip

by admin on July 13, 2010

Looking to stimulate your students to achieve at a higher level, create a better learning environment in your classroom, and help your students become more well-rounded young adults? Many teachers and principals will agree that taking your students on a Student Trip may be the most effective way to achieve these goals. Here are six reasons why:

1. Bring your Text book to Life – There is no doubt that taking students to actually see, touch, and smell the things they are reading about piques student interest and increases retention of knowledge. This is especially true for visual learners, yet all students benefit from physically interacting with what they are studying. Take your students out into the global classroom to truly experience the subject matter.

2. Give your Students Tools for a Global Society – The more that technology advances, the smaller the world becomes. Tomorrow’s leaders will be interacting with people from different countries and cultures on a daily basis.  Student trips increase global awareness, tolerance, and understanding – all essential elements of a truly rounded education. Student Trips that involve volunteerism are excellent ways give students experiences working with people from different cultures.

3. Inspire your Students to Learn New Languages – For students who don’t often travel outside of their own community, it can be difficult to find the motivation to learn a new language. The wide spread use of English and advancement in translation technology sometimes makes students ask, “What’s the point?” Yet when students travel to foreign places, meet people of different cultures who speak multiple languages, and actually form relationships with these people, they return home with a new hunger to become bilingual.

Student Milking a Cow4. Inspire your Students with Fresh Perspectives– Students often live in small circles with limited perspectives on the wonders of the world outside their local community. Taking your students to see the great artistic achievements of the world or to places that offer new ways to express oneself opens minds to new ideas and possibilities. A day in the life of foreign shoes leaves a lasting impression.

5. Build Confidence in Students – Arguably the most important reason to promote student travel is this: Taking students to foreign places gets them outside of their “bubble.” Many students come to know their local community as the universe its self and develop anxiety from a sense of not fitting in. Student travel opens their eyes to the fact that the world is a very large place full of contrasting and diverse cultures, people, and beliefs. Introverted, shy, anxious, depressed, and even angry students often return from student travel experiences with a new understanding of life and a fresh attitude towards themselves and their futures.

6. Bond with your Students in a Different Learning Environment – When you take students out of their normal element, they are more likely to open up to each other and to their teachers. On student trips, new bonds of trust and understanding are formed between travel mates, which carry back to school. The more students trust and feel comfortable around each other and their teachers, the more positive and efficient the learning environment becomes.

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